Five Under Twenty / 2

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

Another round of low cost pieces for those that don’t want to spend too much while shopping for new clothes; it’s easy to put together an outfit for under $100!

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

vintage skirt size M – $16

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

Leather fanny pack – $16

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

Forever21 romper size L – $12

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

Zara camisole size M – $14

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

H&M velvet mules size 37 – $17


Thrifting Tips

Common Sort | Thrifting TipsCommon Sort | Thrifting TipsSometimes walking into a thrift store can be overwhelming; there’s so much stuff and where do you even begin? Even though we have done all the picking and sorting and weeding out the “meh” stuff for you at our stores, it’s still a ton of clothes, each different from the next. Being a good thrifter is definitely a skill,Β and to be one you have to really like searching. If you are already a pro thrifter, then this post is old news for you, but for those looking to get better at finding the gems, we have put together a list of some tips we think could be helpful.

Common Sort | Thrifting Tips

LOOK THROUGH EVERYTHING; that means searching all sizes, checking both male and female sections, checking the tops of our racks, bag wall and all the mannequins. Maybe the piece you find is better oversized? Or you could find an unlikely piece hidden in the men’s section.

WEAR SOMETHING EASY TO TAKE OFF OR EASY TO LAYER OVER; there is nothing more annoying than being layered in clothes and shopping for new ones. It’s best to wear a simple outfit that you can take off easily, so that trying on clothes doesn’t feel like such a burden.

Common Sort | Thrifting Tips

COME OFTEN; At our store we are constantly getting new clothes and putting them out. To find the very best stuff coming frequently is the best way to find the real gems. You’d be surprised how quickly pieces hit the floor and leave that very same day.

THINK ABOUT WHAT WILL WORK WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY OWN; It’s easy to be attracted too many pieces you find, but knowing what pieces will actually get worn is the key to spending your money conscientiously and avoiding adding pieces to your closet that will never see the light of day. If you can think of at least 3 different ways to wear the pieces you are eyeing, then it will probably be a good addition to your closet.

Common Sort | Thrifting Tips

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ONLY BOTTOMS, FIND A TOP SIMILAR TO ONE YOU ALREADY OWN (AND VICE VERSA); Maybe you aren’t wearing something that goes with all the pants/skirts you’re trying on. Grab a top from a rack and use that to be able to gauge whether the bottoms really work for you. It’s surprising how your opinion can change on a piece if you are wearing something that seems familiar to you.

IT WILL LIKELY BE GONE IF YOU WAIT; The good and the bad thing about our stores is that pretty well everything is a one-off. If you really love something, don’t wait too long to think about it. It will likely be gone by the time you come back for it.

Common Sort | Thrifting Tips

CHECK SALE SECTION;Β Sometimes some really great pieces, especially designer ones, end up in sale section. You may find that Prada top at an amazingly reduced price.

RESEARCH TRENDS; while we keep our eye out for trends and pick based on that, it’s always good to come into the store with an idea of what is in fashion and what you would like to be wearing. You may not find it, but coming with a game plan is always a good idea, it can be overwhelming with all the possibilities if not.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any thrifting tips as well! Lets share the knowledge.Β 


One Piece 4 Ways

Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow TrousersIt’s a common tip that when shopping for new clothes you should think of several different ways you could style the piece you are eyeing with what you already have in your wardrobe. This tip can be handy when you are trying to avoid adding pieces to your closet that just won’t really get worn. In this series we will be styling 1 piece and giving you a few ideas (4, to be exact) of how you could style it. First up, a pair of Ellen Tracy buttery yellow trousers.


Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow TrousersEllen Tracy trousers size S ($42), vintage top size S ($15), Ferragamos size 8 ($48) and Coach bag ($58)

Dressing in monochrome outfits has been around for quite awhile, but it seems to be a bit more popular of late. Here we styled the yellow trousers with a vintage knit yellow cami, white flats and a white bag to create a look that is interesting in it’s simplicity.


Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow TrousersAmerican Apparel white tee size XS ($10), Ellen Tracy trousers size S ($42), Keds size 6.5 ($20) and sling backpack ($24)

Trousers don’t always have to be worn dressed up. It’s easy to dress down a pair with a white tee, tennis style shoes and a backpack.


Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow TrousersKIN button down size S ($44), corset size S ($19), Ellen Tracy trousers size S ($42), Prada heels size 37 ($68) and Mat & Nat bag ($21)

If you aren’t a fan of wearing dresses for a night out, try dressing up a pair of your favourite trousers with an interesting heel, simple clutch, corset style top over a button down to create a look that is femme meets masculine meets post-minimalist style.


Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow Trousersvintage silk shirt size S ($22), Ellen Tracy trousers size S ($42), Chinese Laundry slides size 8 ($28) and shoulder bag ($18)

Why not stand out from the crowd? Here we found a colourful shirt that pairs well with the yellow trousers and a contrasting shoe to really punch up the look. Pattern mixing and colour contrasting can make a simple look really standout.