Personal Style: Inez Genereux

Common Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: InezNext up on our personal style series, one of our buyers, perpetually colourful with a smile that could brighten anyone’s bad day, Inez. Common Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: InezTell us a bit about yourself.
An angel who lives for love and laughs.

How long have you worked for Common Sort and what’s your favourite part of the job?
I have worked at Common Sort for a collective time of about 2 and a half years. I took a break for a year to work on my art practise, styling and fashion presentation.
While I was away from Common Sort I found myself thinking about the communities that the stores are apart of more than any other part of the job. There are very few retail businesses where people of many different levels of economic status’ can enter and find clothing that suits all of their needs, aesthetically, functionally and financially. The price of new contemporary clothing that you buy in a mall is outrageous. Those prices are lies, and it isn’t fair that some folks have a more challenging time paying the price of those lies than others. The amount of times I have heard people exclaim while shopping at Common Sort  “this regularly retails for so much more“, is in the hundreds. The cost of living in Canada is so high, I feel that Common Sort offers a tiny bit of reprieve from the oppressiveness of consumerism.
As much as I truly love fashion, the nature of fast fashion is destructive to the planet. Even independent designers struggle with needing to make their clothing affordable enough for themselves to make small runs of garments, so most of all the clothing we see is made from synthetic materials and flown across the earth to be sold in North America. Common Sort buys directly from the general public, and we get so much clothing in every single day. It blows my mind to think that almost all of what we get in would end up in a landfill otherwise. Well! these are some of my politics in a nutshell, but I should say I also LOVE the thrill of finding a piece of clothing with a lot of character, especially vintage. Garments were made with more consideration towards fabric and wearability in the past. Things were made to last.Common Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: Inez

How would you describe your style?
A cartoon of Cameron Diaz playing a pop star who by night, is the secretary of a cult.

What’s your favourite piece you own?
ALL of my clothes are each my favourite pieces. I don’t buy clothing to have a cohesive wardrobe, I buy individual pieces that barely go with anything else lol. They all stand on their own. But honestly.. my favourite piece of clothing I have is a very very plain, boring ass mid calf length black cotton skirt with a thick elastic waist band. Originally from Forever21, I bought it because one summer I was very sick and it was all I could handle wearing on my lower half. It kind of looks perfect with everything and I also feel like I would have gone totally bonkers that summer without it. It’s kind of a horcrux for a part of my soul now.Common Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: Inez
Some tips on how to style an outfit.
Instead of styling tips I’m going to share the best advice I ever got on getting dressed. I used to feel soooooo stressed out about finding the perfect outfit for work, or a party or a date or something. I felt like if it was an important event then I had to have a new combination of clothing pieces so the memory would be preserved in that outfit. But it is so hard to put together a new look under pressure. Someone told me just to wear your favourite go-to outfit, the one you KNOW looks good, even if it isn’t very special anymore. The last thing you want is to be pulling on the hem of a dress or constantly checking your self out in a mirror every second you get because you feel uncomfortable. Put comfort first always, but consider expanding the boundaries of that comfort zone sometimes. Everyone has the capacity to push a little bit here and there. Go for it.Common Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: Inez
Favourite trend at the moment?
Literally I have no idea what is trending. I’m really into clogs and ska inspired outfits right now tho.
Favourite designer(s)?
ReBaie by Rebee,  Atelier Wonder and like Gucci lol.
Favourite season for dressing?
A few years ago I made a promise to myself I would NEVER wear an all black outfit in the winter, so I think it’s fun and challenging to come up with exciting looks throughout the darkest days of our year.Common Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: InezCommon Sort | Personal Style: Inez
Think of your style 10 years ago…are you embarrassed by it now? 
My style when I was 16 was really similar to where I am at now *in theory*. I liked and wore vintage clothes, I have always been really inspired by the Fruits fashion blog, and I liked to make my own clothes sometimes. One thing I should note is that 10 years ago I was really into Happy Hardcore and raving. Just let that simmer in your imagination for a moment. I think I looked sick and I have so much respect for my younger self for absolutely not giving a heck about what other people thought about how I dressed. I still apply the PLUR vibe to my visual and empathetic self now.

WHAT SHE WORE// Shorts, Top and Shoes: CS, Sunglasses: vintage, Bag: Courage My Love

*photos by Alex Spence and mural by Caitlin Taguibao

4 Ethical Clothing Brands To Know

We have come so accustomed to clothes being cheap and thus disposable that we often forget to look at the reasons why that is. Clothing was once something you invested in, looking for pieces that would be timeless and worn over and over. But now we are able to buy clothes weekly, wear them once or twice and forget about them because they barely cost us a thing and new seems to always be better. Certainly we can’t all afford to buy designer pieces or shop independent all the time, but I think it is important to start taking note of the brands who have very questionable ethics and look to brands that pay fair wages, focus on sustainability, make an effort to be transparent and create really well-made pieces that will last. Looking at clothes the way we look at investing in good furniture may help us to see that our view of clothing and the whole industry has become a little skewed. Of course our first thought is buy secondhand, but if you want to support independent businesses and brands that are doing it right, these are the ones we think you should lookout for.

Common Sort | 5 Ethical Clothing BrandsCommon Sort | 5 Ethical Clothing BrandsCommon Sort | 5 Ethical Clothing BrandsEVERLANE

Everlane is known for doing immense research on the factories they work with and visiting them often to ensure the factory’s integrity. It is important to them to remain transparent so you know exactly what you are paying for and why.

Common Sort | 5 Ethical Clothing BrandsCommon Sort | 5 Ethical Clothing BrandsCommon Sort | 5 Ethical Clothing BrandsELIZABETH SUZANN

Focusing on careful consumption, Elizabeth Suzann creates timeless pieces that can be worn several ways. All their clothes are manufactured in their studio located in Nashville and they strive to create as little waste as possible.

Common Sort | 4 Ethical Clothing BrandsCommon Sort | 4 Ethical Clothing BrandsCommon Sort | 4 Ethical Clothing BrandsMAISON CLEO

Maison Cléo is a mother-daughter brand based out of the North of France, creating pieces that are easy to wear and making French girl style accessible to everyone. Every single piece is handmade in their studio by mother of the duo, Cléo. They are extremely transparent when it comes to breaking down cost of materials and hours put into making each piece so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Common Sort | 4 Ethical Clothing BrandsCommon Sort | 4 Ethical Clothing BrandsCommon Sort | 4 Ethical Clothing BrandsÖHLIN/D

Based in NYC, Ö/D focuses on effortless style while putting forth effort into being a brand that supports social and environmental consciousness. They source high-quality fibres from vendors that adhere to a “do no harm” policy, which is to say they do not harm the environment or animals.


Five Under Twenty / 2

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

Another round of low cost pieces for those that don’t want to spend too much while shopping for new clothes; it’s easy to put together an outfit for under $100!

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

vintage skirt size M – $16

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

Leather fanny pack – $16

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

Forever21 romper size L – $12

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

Zara camisole size M – $14

Common Sort | Five Under Twenty

H&M velvet mules size 37 – $17

One Piece 4 Ways

Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow TrousersIt’s a common tip that when shopping for new clothes you should think of several different ways you could style the piece you are eyeing with what you already have in your wardrobe. This tip can be handy when you are trying to avoid adding pieces to your closet that just won’t really get worn. In this series we will be styling 1 piece and giving you a few ideas (4, to be exact) of how you could style it. First up, a pair of Ellen Tracy buttery yellow trousers.


Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow TrousersEllen Tracy trousers size S ($42), vintage top size S ($15), Ferragamos size 8 ($48) and Coach bag ($58)

Dressing in monochrome outfits has been around for quite awhile, but it seems to be a bit more popular of late. Here we styled the yellow trousers with a vintage knit yellow cami, white flats and a white bag to create a look that is interesting in it’s simplicity.


Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow TrousersAmerican Apparel white tee size XS ($10), Ellen Tracy trousers size S ($42), Keds size 6.5 ($20) and sling backpack ($24)

Trousers don’t always have to be worn dressed up. It’s easy to dress down a pair with a white tee, tennis style shoes and a backpack.


Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow TrousersKIN button down size S ($44), corset size S ($19), Ellen Tracy trousers size S ($42), Prada heels size 37 ($68) and Mat & Nat bag ($21)

If you aren’t a fan of wearing dresses for a night out, try dressing up a pair of your favourite trousers with an interesting heel, simple clutch, corset style top over a button down to create a look that is femme meets masculine meets post-minimalist style.


Common Sort | 1 Piece 4 Ways: Yellow Trousersvintage silk shirt size S ($22), Ellen Tracy trousers size S ($42), Chinese Laundry slides size 8 ($28) and shoulder bag ($18)

Why not stand out from the crowd? Here we found a colourful shirt that pairs well with the yellow trousers and a contrasting shoe to really punch up the look. Pattern mixing and colour contrasting can make a simple look really standout.